I was catching up with Connor at Passle yesterday to wax lyrical about all things social selling. We were chatting about the challenge of qualifying the ROI of social, especially around things such as blog posts. He then shared a stat on one of their customers case studies - 1 lead generated for every 8.6 blog posts. This is the first time I have actually come across a hard stat like this. We discussed further; this highlights a) blogging works b) marketing automation technology works (this is how their customer was tracking it through c) sales people using CRM correctly. 

Result is you can start to prove this really works. A lead needs to be converted of course, and this is up to the ability of the sales person, but the frontend lead generation has been driven by social activity.

I have received no payment for this post or have been asked to write it. I am a Passle user as it is a quick & easy way to compose blogs.